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Jaranwala is about 400 years old city. There was a well with big roots hanging in it of an old willow tree. In Punjabi language roots are called "Jaraan" and place is called "Wala". So, these both words combined and formed the shape of a name "Jaranwala". By the passage of time, the place called Jaranwala and later on this name became famous and the city was also called Jaranwala.
Existing city was founded by British government in 1908. Mr. Micheal Ferrar deputy commissioner of Faisalabad has inaugurated this town in 1909.
Rai Ahmad Khral and Bhagat Singh two famous freedom fighters were sons of historic city of Jaranwala. Mian Abdul Bari a freedom fighter and President of All India Muslim League District Paghwara And Then Lyallpur district was settled in Jaranwala after partition.
Jaranwala is an agriculture based city. Major crops in this area are sugarcane, wheat, corn and rice.
Jaranwala hosts the 3rd largest jute mill in the world (it is closed now a days). The city of Jaranwala shares in growth of Pakistan with sugar, chemical, textile, wheat and rice industry. Surroundings of Jaranwala are also famous for its dairy products.

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People of Jaranawala will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep....

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"Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 13, 2020 approved proposed measures aimed at controlling rising prices of basic commodities’ in the country.
The Chief Secretary, GoP issued orders to field officers to commission ‘Sahulat Bazaars’ at the tehsil level to maintain prices. The chief secretary also directed to improve the number of Sahulat bazars in the major cities of the province.
MC has make arrangements for Sahulut Bazaar for the said purpose."


LG Unit Jaranwala is constantly putting its best efforts to combat the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and to control its harmful impacts. In this situation, MC is performing various activities to stop the spread of pandemic in line with directions of Government of Punjab.

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