Environmental & Social Management Framework (ESMF)

Punjab Cities Program (PCP) is World Bank funded program which is being executed by LG&CDD. PCP is being implemented in 16 Municipal Committees/Corporations of Punjab. Adoption of ESMF in all Eligible Investments of PCP is one of the performance objectives of the program. This ESMF is prepared by Environmental & Social Management team of PMDFC, to facilitate the cities in understanding & compliance of social and environmental management processes and procedures as per World Bank and Local Perspective.

The major objectives are:

• To ensure that subprojects to be designed and implemented under the program are environmentally and socially acceptable.• Identify and execute practical, feasible, credible and cost-effective measures to offset or reduce adverse environmental and social impacts to acceptable level.

Subprojects Cycle:

• Sub-project Design & Preparation: Social & Environmental Screening, Categorization and Public Consultation.• Appraisal: Preparation of Instruments (ESMP/IEE/SAR/SMP/RAP/ARAP)• Implementation: Instrument Implementation cost inclusion in the bidding document & Contracts of contractor• Monitoring & Evaluation: Environmental & Social Monitoring as Instruments.

ESMF implementation steps:

1. Environmental & Social Screening of each subproject2. Development of instruments (EIA/IEE/ESMP/RAP/ARAP/SAR)3. Inclusion of instruments & Cost in bid documents/ Contracts.4. Environmental & Social Monitoring to ensure effective Implementation f the mitigation5. Annual Performance Assessments (APAs)

Serial NoDetailsDownloads
1National Hazardous Waste Management Policy 2022
2Plastic Regulations 2023
3Policy on Controlling Smog
4Punjab Environmental Protection Act 2012
5Punjab Polythene Bag Ordinance
6Reviewe of IEE EIA Regulations 2022
7SMOG Regulation Compressed
8The Punjab Occupational Safety & Health Act 2019
9E&S Considerations in Wastewater Reuse and Treatment Options/Technologies 2023 (Training Progress Report)
1Antiquity Act 1975
2Land Acqusition Act 1984
3Restriction on Employment of Children Act 2016
PCP Documents
1Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) for PCP
2Enviromental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
3Notification Environment & Social Management Focal Persons & TOR's
4Notification Grievance Redress Committee on E&SM
5Quality SOPs for health, safety and environment for labours/workers (Including women labours/workers) working in development projects
1E & S Screening Form
2E & S Screening Form-Jaranwala Parking Shed
2E&S-IRS Checklists Jaranwala Roads and Chowks
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