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People of Jaranwala will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep.

Our Mission

Municipal Committee Jaranwala facilitate its citizen towards sustainable economic growth, infrastructure development, social development and municipal services excellence. MC Jaranwala promises to provide the basic amenities to general public with full dedication, commitment and exuberance and always striving hard to create business conducive environment, Citizen Centric (Baldia to Citizen) environment and implementation of E-Governance initiatives. MC Jaranwala plans to establish orderly development, well maintained infrastructure and efficient delivery of social services to its people.

Our Vision

An efficient, well-structured and modernized Local Government system that empowers and enhances the quality of life of its citizens through service excellence and improved municipal service delivery. To develop Jaranwala City toward engine of growth, center of economic activities, industrial promotion and employment generation.

Our Goals

Municipal Committee Jaranwala is focusing on:
• Spreading congenial environment for its citizen by providing improved municipal service delivery mechanism
• Implementation of public health initiatives includes water supply, sewerage & sanitation, eradication of communicable diseases, infrastructure development
• Providing public facilities such as education, awareness, recreation, regulatory functions related to prescribing and enforcing building regulations, encroachments
• Looking after existing repair and maintenance of infrastructure
• Planning of infrastructure needs in recognition of urbanization and wide spread of population in the Municipal proximity
• Implementation of E-Governance initiatives in line with Local Government & Community Development Department, Government of Punjab decisions
• Implementation of efficient registration and redressal of citizens’ complaint mechanism system .

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Mr. Abdul Hanan

About The City

Jaranwala is about 400 years old city. There was a well with big roots hanging in it of an old willow tree. In Punjabi language roots are called “Jaraan” and place is called “Wala”. So, these both words combined and formed the shape of a name “Jaranwala”. By the passage of time, the place called Jaranwala and later on this name became famous and the city was also called Jaranwala. Existing city was founded by British government in 1908. Mr. Micheal Ferrar, Deputy Commissioner of Faisalabad has inaugurated this town in 1909. Rai Ahmad Khral and Bhagat Singh two famous freedom fighters were sons of historic city of Jaranwala. Mian Abdul Bari a freedom fighter and President of All India Muslim League District Paghwara and Then Lyallpur district was settled in Jaranwala after partition.

Jaranwala Town is the headquarter of the Tehsil Jaranwala under the jurisdiction of Faisalabad district which is located from 30o– 42’ to 30o– 47′ North latitudes and 72o-40’ to 73 to 40’ East longitude. The city is located at 31°- 20′ North latitude and 73° -25’ East longitude. Jaranwala is situated at a distance of 37 kilometers from Faisalabad towards south-east, on Lahore-Faisalabad road and Jaranwala-Khurrianwala road. The Sheikhupura-Shorkot railway line also passes through this city. It is connected by regular bus services with Lahore and Faisalabad.

In 1909 a town was established near the old Abadi and was named after the then British Deputy Commissioner, however, his name could not survive against the old name of Jaranwala. In 1912 Jaranwala was declared as a notified area. It was made a Town Committee in 1924 and became a Municipal Committee in 1935.

Population of the city as per District Census Report 1998 was 106,985 persons with annual growth rate of 2.57% which if projected at this growth rate should be 173,264 persons in year 2017. The census report of year 2017 has not been published by Government of Pakistan as yet. However as per provincial data released by the concerned ministry, the population of the city in the year 2017 was 150,380 persons. The city has extended its inhabitation much beyond the existing municipal limits and as per land scans process performed by PMDFC, the city had population of 244,972 persons in the year 2017. The large disparity in population figures shows that the municipal limits of the city need to be extended by incorporating the newly developed inhabitation as municipal services are to be provided to the entire inhabited areas of the city.Jaranwala hosts the 3rd largest jute mill in the world (it is closed now a days). The city of Jaranwala shares in growth of Pakistan with sugar, chemical, textile, wheat and rice industry. Surroundings of Jaranwala are also famous for its dairy products.

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Provision of Machinery & Equipment for Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Jaranwala City
To improve the performance of solid waste management system PCP Punjab Cities Program Provide Wheel Excavator and Three Wheel conventional Handcrafts for the improvement of solid waste management system in City Jaranwala under the Punjab Cities Program for the year of 2021-2022.

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Water Supply

Average Hours of Water Supplied to Households During a Month are 3.10

Solid Waste

Est. Solid Waste generation =104
Avg. Solid Waste disposal = 91.00
Disposal efficiency = 87.00%.


Percentage of Households connected with Sewerage = 17%


Total Number of Roads = 31
Total Length of Roads = 25(KM)


Total Street Light = 1604
Working Street Light = 1562
Not-working Street Light = 42


Total Parks = 12
Major facilities : Swings, Walking track, Lights, Canteen, library

Development Projects

Government & stratergy

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Water Supply System

Water Supply System

Summary of ADP Projects of Municipal Committee Jaranwala

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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

PCP Projects of Municipal Committee Jaranwala

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Sewerage Scheme

Sewerage Scheme

Priority List PCP Year (2021-2022) Sub Projects

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